Voice Control 
Development Kit

For developers, to integrate the voice interaction 

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For Embedded Linux, Android and Windows

Why Customers 
choose the 
Development Kit 
for Speech Integration

With a lot of powerful features and mix of technologies, 
it guarantees simplicity and clarity.

Speech Recognition

Grammar based speech recognition, based on defined key terms to detect in spoken commands. Also Wake-Up Words supported.


Spoken voice  requests, in several languages, to be transcribed to rough text, through on-device STT Speech-to Text engine.

Natural Language Understanding

Natural voice commands with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), all on the device.

Speech Synthesis

Easy-to-embed offline TTS SDK to pronounce aloud contents in 65 languages for any nomad, mobile or embedded system

Voice Biometrics

The highly reliable voice biometrics technology that adds another layer of security and awesome user experience to any voice-enabled product and service

Audio Front End

Improve voice signal with turnkey Audio Enhancement solution to evaluate signal quality and apply specific acoustic filters (noise reduction, echo cancellation…)