Facial Recognition

Accurate, secure, performant and cost effective

Also for Embedded Systems

Biometric Identity Verification 
and Vision AI Solutions

Next Generation Facial Recognition

Precise and Responsible

Bias-Free AI facial recognition software with both passive and active consent-based options. Facial recognition with mask also supported.

Versatile OS Support

Cross platform support for all popular operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Jetpack.

Hardware Optimized

FaceMe is optimized for IoT / AIoT Edge Computing Devices; able to run on most hardware configurations, including CPU, GPU, VPU and low cost SoC.

Certified Liveness Detection

FaceMe passed iBeta ISO Level 1 & Level 2 liveness detection tests under the standard of ISO 30107-3 Presentation Attack Detection (PAD). It can effectively prevent impersonation and substitution attempts using 2D photos or 3D masks. 2D, 3D, and IR+RGB cameras are all supported.

Age, Gender, and Emotion Detection

For smart retail use cases, FaceMe supports the detection of age, gender, facial expression, and head orientation.

Vision AI

Other than facial recognition, we also provide solutions for (1) people tracking, (2) people counting, and (3) person detection.

Time and Attendance

Eliminate identity fraud resulting from buddy punching or card theft.
Increase productivity by reducing clock in and out times to only 0.5 seconds.
Protect the health of employees with touchless authentication.

Smart Banking

Provide identity verification with 99.73% accuracy.
Prevent fraud with anti-spoofing for 2D and 3D cameras.
Streamline customer onboarding and account opening by combining facial recognition with an existing video conferencing SDK.

Smart Retail

Access real-time reports to gain insight into guest demographics, behaviors and trends.
Analyze facial emotions to optimize customer experience and satisfaction.
Enhance automation to address labor shortages.


Rapidly deploy with existing IP cameras and access control systems.
Group and label by categories to easily manage large databases.
Integrate with third-party communication systems to receive real-time event notifications.