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Text-To-Speech for telephony applications

Voice transcription for telephone and multimedia applications

TTS Text-To-Speech licenses for telephone channels, dedicated to the integration on server (on-premise) of quality 'text to voice' conversion engines, available in over 50 languages. Native TTS on Windows or native on Linux, usable in MRCP, SAPI or proprietary APIs. Find out more

Automatic Speech Recognition for telephony applications

ASR Automatic Speech Recognition licenses for telephone channels, dedicated to server-based (on-premise) integration of engines for listening to voice commands and instructions in several languages. ASR on Windows or Linux, usable in MRCP or proprietary APIs. Contact us

Conversational A.I platform., that allows to create, train and improve chatbots (and voicebots by connecting to 'Speech systems) which automatically answer your users' questions 24/7. Contact us

Technologies for converting STT Speech To Text from telephone conversations (call center, answering machines, etc.) into texts, in real time or on line, in order to interpret the intention of the caller (for VoiceBot, SVI conversational, etc.) or for content analysis. Find out more

Conversational AI solution for creating ChatBot and VoiceBot

Voice Processing

A more human machine translation. He improves and adapts to the context, like a human. This API, the fruit of more than 10 years of manual translations, builds the translation on the basis of the content and not only of the sentence alone, using the most appropriate terminology for exceptional quality. Contact us

Additional tools for voice,

document, or text

API for quality translation in real time or in batch