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TTS AND intent understanding


The result of more than 15 years of experience and project implementation in the world of 'speech', the group of engineers has developed this platform, also available in white label for integrators, which allows any company to offer its customers a telephone service (and textual / voice interaction on web page) based on the interpretation of the natural language NLU and the understanding of the voice based request.







Although this platform integrates the best basic technologies (STT, ASR, TTS and Chatbot) it is 'technology independent' and therefore able to support the 'voice engines' of the main producers on the market.

The VoiceBot Design Tool is a platform to…

  • manage voicebot on phone, webpage and socials
  • develop and enable the dialogues
  • use integrated speech engines
  • run the semantic/intent analysis
  • connect to contact center lines
  • connect to the customer environment and databases


The integrated enabling technologies offers...

  • speech recognition in several languages
  • intent understanding in audio streaming
  • voice to text conversion in real time
  • voice biometrics
  • sentimental analysis
  • voice based contract compliance
  • speech analytics

Omni-channel VoiceBot Design Platform