MPS Monitor is a remote monitoring system for printing devices, printers and MFPs

MPS Monitor is a comprehensive solution for remote monitoring and integrated management, automated data and alarms related to printing devices (Printer and Multifunction). Through the detection of operating data and devices usage via the network, and by an intelligent storage of data and events, it allows to get a full control of the operations and a precise management of the costs of use of all devices.

How it works: 


MPS Monitor allows to:

• remotely monitoring devices installed at your customers / users
• check the status of supplies
• receive and manage alarms on low supplies
• take readings of the device pages counters
• store in a relational Database all the historical events and data related to devices
• search, even complex, and reporting of all data collected from devices
• make a complete management of contracts relating to devices, whether they are based on consumption of cartridges or cost per page
• real-time availability of all data and indicators of volume, consumption, media coverage, duration and frequency of changes of consumables
• access HP SDS (Smart Device Services) via the MPS Monitor portal: all the information and support you need, with just one click


The system, in terms of user's point of view, is used in cloud computing: data is processed on a remote Web server (located at the service provider or at our Server Farm), without the need for the User of load charges and costs of technical/systems engineering of the application.

MPS Monitor has been among the first software in the world in integrating HP Smart Device Services (SDS), allowing a unique access to these advanced services via its portal.





Visibility: real-time reports on contracts and deployed devices, with concrete data and analysis

Trasparency: data on costs and consumption, charges and invoicing are available via Web interface

Reduce waste on consumables due to misuse, device’s end of life, overrated stocks, etc.

Data availability, useful to plan changes on the deployed devices, consolidation and revise contracts

Easy to implement and use

No impact on the Customer’s IT infrastructure, thanks to Cloud Computing

Green: positive impact on the carbon footprint, thanks to the reduction of waste


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