IoT tech for your projects

Tiny wireless sensors you can stick anywhere. 

Really small

Last a long time

End-to-end encryption

Mechanically robust

Tiny wireless sensors you can place anywhere.  Temperature, proximity, touch, water detection & humidity sensors.

Wireless mini-sensors attach onto cables, pipes, high voltage fuses and any difficult-to-reach places with small surface areas. Easy to install & no downtime required.

A complete sensing solution

It needs to be simple, it needs to be energy efficient, it needs to be secure and it has to make sense. It is a complete sensing solution to bring insights from the real world to where they are needed.

The new Dashboards feature brings an easy-to-use interface to Studio for displaying sensor data in a shared view while applying simple analytics. It is now easier than ever to set up proof-of-concept, compare data from sensors and get a quick overview of a full installation.